Different Services Provided By BMW Authorized Workshop

BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works which is a German automobile company. The company was founded in earlier 1916 with a first car and the company’s headquarter is in Bavaria. BMW is said to be one of the reputed automobile company in whole over the world with different car models naming BMW 3 series, 5 series and 7 series, which are commonly known series of the cars and can be seen in whole over the globe. Not only the cars but the company also produces motor bikes and the year 1945 the company also produced with first aircraft. The main competitors of the company involves with Mercedes and Audi. The recent innovation by the company is introducing of electric car engines where a car runs on electricity and no fuel is required. Along with this, the BMW service Artarmon provides with different services since maintenance of its car lineup.  

There are different services provided by the authorized workshops of BMW and we are going to discuss in the brief way. The major service provided by the authorized workshop is periodic maintenance of the car which involves oil change. Oil change of the car requires also changing with other items such as changing of oil filter and air filter. This periodic maintenance is mandatory for all the cars after a certain period of time for the purpose of long running of the engine of the car. Secondly company also provides with the inspection services which is performed after every 30,000 kilometers checkup which involves with the cleaning of the throttle body, cleaning of catalytic converter, changing of brake pads, engine overhauling, screws tightening of the whole car, wheel alignment and wheel balancing.

Moreover the other services provided by mechanic Lane Cove is that they also provide with the paint job services of the cars. If the car is there for paint job service, first of all denting and bending of the car is performed after that the part which is damaged get replace with new one and then car goes for the paint job service. Other services like changing of all fluids such as steering oil, transmission oil and brake oil change are also facilitated at authorized workshops. In simple confrontations, all the car services are provided by authorized workshop of respected company.

As above, we have deliberated different services provided by BMW authorized workshops and same services with perfection are performed in all authorized workshops in whole over the world. These services provided by authorized workshops of the company is said to be way expensive as compared to other local workshops but you might find the perfection between these both authorized workshop and local workshop services.