Mistakes Made By Beginner Campers



Going camping is not meant for everyone, because you need a bit of an adapting quality in you to be able to survive with the bare necessities available. Everyone is not perfect, and many react to things differently which is why there is bound to be certain mistakes made by you during your first or second camping trip as beginners, you should do your research, and properly plan what has to be done before you take the plunge into going camping. Given below are a few things that beginner campers must keep in mind before going on their first camping adventure to make sure everything goes to plan.

Do your research

People decide to go on camping trips to relax, unwind and have fun. This will be the case only if you carefully plan and prepare for where you are about to head to. Researching, and reading up on your camping site is of utmost importance. What kind of facilities will be available there, how the weather is going to be, and what conditions you will have to live in for the next few days. Being spontaneous and going camping with your buddies may seem like a great idea, but the time and effort that will go into getting to the end destination might be quite a while and this will affect your trip if you are limited for time. Check out new and used caravans for sale over here https://www.woodscaravans.co.nz/

Trying out the equipment

Just like caravan sales in Hamilton, the sales for camping equipment is on the rise. People rather than spending on hotels, tend to spend on things that will allow them to be more connected to nature. One of the major things that you have to do when you buy camping equipment is testing them out before taking them on the actual camping trip. Make sure you put up the tent on your backyard at least once, fill in the torch with batteries and take some extras, and also test out that stove because you wouldn’t want to be eating raw food during your trip.


Having a campfire while camping is usually the norm, and is considered an unsuccessful camping trip if there was no campfire. For many lighting up a campfire is rather simple, but for a beginner, it will be beneficial to thoroughly plan on how every meal will be cooked over the fire. There is a long process that goes into lighting up a campfire and making it hot enough to cook on making the wait rather long and patient. This is one of the reasons why caravan sales are doing well, because there is less effort that goes into caravanning than camping.

Quality goods

As a beginner camper you may tend to go for cheaper camping goods over the quality ones. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make because you need reliable stuff to be able to survive. Many cheap products may last for one camping trip, and you will have to buy new ones for the next one because these goods tend to last only of a brief period of time. Therefore always opt for the quality goods, rather than the cheap ones.

Going camping for the first time may cause excitement and anxiety at the same time, but being prepared and ready for whatever is to come will help you with the process.